Yoga complements talk therapy by teaching self-soothing techniques that reduce stress and anxiety.

Integrative yoga can help a person begin to connect the mind and body positively, providing a foundation for healing. Yoga is an effective complement to treating anxiety, depression, PTSD, addiction recovery, chronic pain and other mental health concerns. Yogic techniques can be used as coping skills during times of emotional stress. 

The breath, combined with mindful movement, is a powerful tool for finding a sense of calm and ease inside. Practicing these techniques can strengthen a person's mental and emotional health. In this Harvard Medical School study, yoga has been found to reduce stress response and enhance a person's self-soothing ability. To read this study, please visit this link: 

Yoga therapy is available for children and adults. 

If you would like to know how therapy can be combined with yoga to suit your needs, please contact me.