Is Therapy Self Care?

Self care is a hot word these days. It can be easy to think of self care as a massage, a spa day or something extra special for yourself. Self care, at its heart, is not something extra. It’s something you need to integrate into your daily and weekly routine in order to feel balanced and to feel like your best self.

Sometimes self care is going to the doctor, brushing your teeth, taking a shower or going to therapy. Going to therapy?! GASP! Therapy is a safe and supportive space to share and explore your feelings, process the events of your life and develop tools to help you in times of need. Therapy can help you figure out if you are in the right line of work, if you are happy in your relationship, or can be a place to discuss a loss or traumatic event. You don’t need to be severely depressed to start therapy or have a big issue that needs resolving (though it can also help you through that).

Therapy is a form of self care. A place to explore your inner world, the patterns of your life, your family relationships and a place to contemplate why you do what you do. Psychoanalyst Carl Jung said, “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

Are there certain patterns of your life that remain, regardless of the people in it? How do you want to move through the world? Where can you improve how you connect to yourself and others? Are you comfortable naming your needs and taking care of you? Or does that make you uncomfortable?

Here’s an article about how self care can be therapy and what that can look like:

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