Tips to Quit Smoking: Tommy Rosen's Stop Smoking Protocol

Tommy Rosen is an addiction expert and mentor of mine. He's founder of the movement Recovery 2.0, a groundbreaking online platform and book for those in addiction and in recovery. He is truly inspiration and offers tons of free lectures and support online.

Smoking goes hand in hand with drug and alcohol addiction. Many people can stay sober but cannot give up their daily cigarettes. Tommy has a great "Stop Smoking Protocol" to help you quit smoking once and for all. These are great tips for recovery in general. Here are a few steps to get you started, with a full link to the PDF. 


1. INTRODUCTION Ok, you totally rock. Congratulations on deciding to quit smoking. By letting go of this destructive, insidious addiction, you are setting yourself up for the next phase of your life, a phase that would not have been possible if you had continued to smoke. If you loosely follow even some of these instructions and stay vigilant and kind to yourself, you will find success. You are beginning an important process and the Universe is taking note of your effort. You only need to take one step toward the Universe and the Universe will take 10 steps toward you. 


a) Choose your quit day wisely. It is unwise to decide to quit on a day where you know you will have a lot of work or stress or be in a place with great temptation. Pick a day where you can rest, nap even and take it pretty easy.

b) Gather your community around you. Start making calls and tell everyone you can that you are quitting smoking and that you’d like to have their prayers and support.

c) Pick 1-2 accountability partners. Choose accountability partners who you trust and check in with them often. It can be face-to-face or by phone. Text and email are less desirable. Connect with people who are there to support you through this process You must check in regardless of what is going on, even if you have smoked. 

To continue reading the "Stop Smoking Protocol", click here:


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