Young Adults, Teens & Extreme Anxiety

This New York Times Article, "Why Are More American Teenagers than Ever Suffering from Extreme Anxiety?" is a detailed look into the life of American teens and the often crippling anxiety they live with. As a nation, we are seeing increased rates of anxiety in both adults and our kids. Why the increase? Teens today face an onslaught of stress, all in the palms of their hands. Social media, smartphones, the 24 hour news-cycle, increased academic pressure at school, the list goes on. While there are many reasons anxiety is impacting our kids, it's important to remember that help is out there. Receiving help from school counselors, psychotherapists, as well as considering more intensive treatment programs can help change your child's pattern of cycling anxious thoughts and behaviors. By building coping skills, we can increase a child's resiliency, making them stronger and more confident over time.

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